My passion

I absolutely LOVE doing this job! My entire life has been leading to this point, I know that sounds cliche, but it 100% true.  I started as a Wedding Photographer, then got involved with graphic design and photography in general.  All of those skills I've learned over the years directly influence the content that I create today.

While I love taking photos, I've found that the process of capturing the video and weaving those clips into a beautiful story is what I'm truly passionate about!

Make it  fun

I don't take myself too seriously and I love to laugh and joke around with the couples I work with!

The wedding day is stressful, lightening the mood and relieving that stress is one of my major goals.

Whether that means digging in the dirt for a "Unity Tree" or pitching in to help with reception seating tags, I strive to go above and beyond for my couples and help out any way I can.

My Family

I have been married to my beautiful wife for over 30 years and we have had a wonderful marriage.  Raising two amazing kids and having the privilege of walking my daughter down the aisle have been highlights in my life.

Every wedding I film reminds me of the vows that Lori and I took all those years ago, and the promises we made. 

I love learning new things, and branching out into new arenas.  I also love making a positive impact in my couples' lives.  The older I get, the more that kind of stuff means.