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Once in a lifetime memories
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Milestone Memories

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Are You Looking For a Unique Gift and Keepsake

For that milestone anniversary?

Sure, you could opt for the classic 40th Anniversary ruby themed gift or a 50th Anniversary gold themed gift that may be displayed on a shelf collecting dust.
you could have a one of a kind legacy film created that could capture the voices and stories of loved ones to be shared, not only with friends at their anniversary party, but with family members for generations to come!
Milestone Memories
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Every family has an origin story, and if you're anything like me, you have those parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, that can talk for hours on end about growing up, their adventures, their loves, the experiences they've had through a life well lived.  

How many times have your heard someone say, or you said,

"I wish you could have known Grandpa, he was so funny, you would have loved him"  
"I remember Grandma telling me about when she was a little girl, I wish you could've met her"

It's easy to take these moments for granted while these loved ones are still alive.
Time passes too fast
Milestone anniversary
These stories are the foundation of
who we are as families.
These are the experiences that shaped our parents' view of the world and helped to instill the values that we live by today.
These stories need to be preserved!
Lifetime friends
The reality is, that most times when these loved ones pass, these stories go with them.  You'll never be able to hear the laughter and the joy in their voices when they remember days gone by.  

This is a way to keep the voices of our loved ones alive forever.
- investment -
All - Inclusive package - $1500

Full Day of filming and stories
10-15 minute finished film
10-20 favorite still photos from their lives mixed throughout
Music licensing and Film editing included
delivered on custom engraved USB drive and stored in custom USB case

I encourage you to be there during the filming to help put everyone at ease.
Your loved ones can stay in their homes where they are most comfortable.
All they have to do is talk and tell their stories.
Very laid back easy conversation, no pressure at all.
Quick turnaround for final film.

This is a great opportunity for multiple family members to share the cost for a modern heirloom time capsule that everyone can have a copy of to enjoy with generations to come.

Rest assured that I take this work very seriously and I want to help you preserve the family stories you hold dear.  I will work with you every step of the way to ensure everyone is comfortable and relaxed.

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