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Frequently Asked Questions
Bride's Bouquet

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event.  Everyone needs a photographer, no question.  However there is just something about pushing play and seeing emotion, hearing your voices, hearing and seeing those who have passed.  Video does what no photograph can, it transports you back in time to see and feel every single moment of one of the most exciting events in your lifetime.


As a wedding filmmaker and professional, I absolutely have insurance to cover any unforeseen events.  I am fully covered and would be happy to provide documentation if your venue requests it.


I take bookings up to 24 months in advance.  The popular months May, June, September, October always book up super early. Nothing is worse than seeing and loving my work only to find out your date is not available.  I say if you love my wedding films and would like one of your own, book my services now.  I realize it's a big investment, but what is it worth to you to be able to enjoy your wedding day memories forever with a one of kind wedding film? We can also work out a payment plan to spread out the payments to make it easier.

Emily and Patrick Wedding

Most of the time, I can handle a wedding event alone, however if it's important to you that there be a second shooter, that can be arranged at no extra cost.  


I completely understand. Weddings are not cheap events, and video is right up there with some of the biggest investments. To be completely honest, you get what you pay for.  


I always tell people that if they find somebody at a better price and they love their work, hire them.  My pricing changes as my experience increases.  As I have improved, I have invested time and money into additional training and equipment to make sure I can deliver the highest quality wedding films for my clients. (I usually bring upwards of $35,000 worth of video and audio equipment with me on a wedding day). This is not a hobby, this is my full time job and my passion in life.

The cold hard truth is, you get ONE chance to get this right.  There are no do-overs on a wedding day.  Do you really want to place your trust in someone cheaper with less experience?

I pour my heart and soul into my wedding films. Throughout the entire process, I am there to help you, and to make your wedding day the best it can be.  I want you to look back after everything is over and say that hiring me was one of the best decisions you made!


After you decide to move forward booking my services you will make a deposit payment of 1/3 the total cost.  The 2nd payment would be due 6 months prior to your wedding day and the remaining balance due a week before your big day.  A personalized payment plan can also be arranged to spread out payments into smaller doses to make it easier to afford my services.  


Most people probably don't think about this.  I don't believe in outsourcing any part of my services to you.  What that means is, I am your point of contact throughout the entire process.  I am the one you talk to, the one who will be there on your wedding day, the one who edits your films.  Many times couples will hire a company and their videographer is someone who was "assigned" to film their day.  They are there to do a job and nothing else, they are not fully invested.  

The absolute truth is your wedding day is as important to me as it is to you.  I want to learn your story, how you met, what got you to this point in your lives.


Hiring me gets you so much more than just a videographer.  You get someone with experience, professional background, knowledge and skills with a personalized approach and first class service.  You are taken care of from start to finish, never left to wonder about questions asked.  

You get someone 100% invested in making your day the best day of your life!

Congress Plaza Hotel Reception

First off, I will be at your rehearsal the night before your wedding, I consider this highly important.  Not many videographers do this, but I'm not most videographers ;)  I do this so I know exactly what to expect, where you will be standing, who the people are that are most important to both of you.  Are you doing a unity ceremony? Giving flowers to parents / grandparents? These are very important pieces of your ceremony that I want to know about ahead of time.  We can work out final details and put your mind at ease for the next day.

On the big day, I am there early, when you start hair and makeup.  I stay with you ALL DAY LONG, through ceremony and reception.  I capture all of the moments throughout the day.  Moments that the Bride may not see, the Groom may not see, parents, friends etc.  One of the best things about this job is being able to witness every single moment of a couple's wedding day, and I get to document those moments.

Whatever you need throughout the day, you just ask.  I am there to help you day go as smoothly as possible, coordinating with the other vendors, parents, wedding party, etc.  I usually take on the support role of wedding planner throughout the day to make sure your wedding day is perfect.

After your wedding is over, you will get all of your films within 2 weeks of your wedding day.  There is no waiting for 6 months or more for your finished films to arrive.


I am here to help you in any way I can.  If you need answers to any questions, send me a message and I'll be happy to answer anything to help put your mind at ease.

Additional Options
Virtual Guestbook

A unique way to capture the messages of friends and family, completely unfiltered and real.  I set up a camera and microphone and your guests can record their unique message to you.  Whatever they want to do, whatever they want to say, no limits. This is a fun and unique take on the traditional guest book that people sign.  This option is highly popular and so much fun to watch after your day is over. Click the video below to see an example (parental guidance suggested LOL) Ask me about details

Custom Love Story Video

Want to tell your love story?  This option is a separate video from your wedding films.  We dedicate an afternoon at a location of your choice, where it's just me and you, and we record your unique love story with a fun laid back interview style, no pressure at all. How you met, what made you fall in love, what was your first date like?  This is a video that can be shared with family and kids down the road to hear their origin story directly from you.  Couples also show the love story film at their wedding reception to let everyone know how they got to this point in their lives.  Click the video below to see an example of what is possible. Ask me about details

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