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Music sets the mood
The right music is super important!

Think about it, what's your favorite song? Why is it your favorite? More than likely it's connected to a life event or you have some fond memory of the first time you heard it. Music evokes emotion, period! Think about your favorite movies, the moments that bring tears to your eyes, or make you sit on the edge of your seat all have the right music added. You may not even notice it, but subconsciously you know it's there. Try watching that same scene with the sound off, the experience will be vastly different.

The films I shoot, whether they be weddings or commercial projects, all have to have the right music attached to them, and the edit has to flow with that music as well. My finished films may run 10-15 minutes long. With no music, that could seem like a lifetime. With music and a really good story, that 10-15 minutes goes by in a flash. That's my goal when I create these films, I want the emotion to well up inside you as you're watching, maybe a tear or two escapes your eyes. That is a testament to a well done story paired with the right music. Don't be embarrassed, embrace that softer side, plus it's not your fault, I design these films with the hopeful intention of pulling that emotional response out of you :)

I subscribe to a couple of royalty free music sites, Soundstripe and Epidemic Sound. Both of these sites have awesome content from various creators and various genres. Having these options opens my films up to just about anything. Soft sweet piano, cello, or atmospheric music pairs well with wedding films. More hard core, rock and roll and edgy music would be better for sprint car races.

At the end of the day a good filmmaker has to understand what type of feeling they want to evoke out of their viewer. The also need to know the rules when it comes to copyright and royalty free music. Music will always be the catalyst of taking raw video footage and transforming it into something that is emotional, wonderful, and something that might just make a mark on your mind and create a new favorite song!

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