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Why do i film weddings?

Weddings are high stress events, they often have a lot of moving parts, and many different scenarios can happen throughout the day. It’s hard work and requires planning, knowledge of my equipment and lighting, and it’s usually a long stressful day.

So why put myself through that week after week?

1. Weddings are all those things, however they are also the culmination of a lot of hard work and planning by the couple. Many times, they have been dreaming of this day since they were little kids. Who will they marry? What will their dress look like? After years, months, and what seems like a thousand decisions, their wedding day finally arrives and the hope is that everything will fall into place. The story of their wedding day hasn’t been written yet, and it’s my job to preserve those moments, and tell their story.

2. Weddings are a celebration of LOVE! They are a time when families come together to share and support their children as they take a monumental step in their lives! These days are joyous occasions and everyone is having fun throughout the day. With the day to day struggles we all go through, having one entire day centered on such a wonderful event allows them to forget about everything else, and that is a special thing unto itself.

From the outside every single wedding is essentially the same, right? The girl wears a white dress, the guy has on a nice suit, they meet at the altar and repeat their vows, exchange their rings, and it’s done. While wedding days are very similar, the stories behind them is what make them unique. Think about that for a minute. Out of the billions of people on this planet, two people found each other and fell in love! That is an amazing thing! Every single story is different, how they met, how they proposed, what was the initial attraction between them. Just like fingerprints, no two are alike.

That’s what I capture!

My wedding films are different. They aren’t just video clips with music overlay, they are short films that tell the story of the couple. By incorporating audio from the day, either from the ceremony, vows, personal letters, interviews, etc., my films blend the visuals of the day with the unique, most times emotional account of their one-of-a-kind story. That paired with the perfect music soundtrack, makes a “Movie With Emotion”. I chose that tagline on purpose. I want my wedding films to evoke emotion, to transport my couples back to the special day in their lives. To allow them to re-live that exact moment in time, and feel the same butterflies and nervousness they had that day. To remind them why they made the decision to get married, TO REMEMBER!

Here’s the thing, I have the honor of sharing this highly important day with families, who, most times I’ve never met. Honestly, I do consider it an honor, because they are trusting ME, a complete stranger they found online, to document this once in a lifetime event. That trust is highly important to me, and I treat it as such. Being able to weave together 12-14 hours of footage into a cohesive 7-10 minute highlight film is what I love to do. My hope is that my films will bring joy and happiness to these families for years to come.

The thought of my couples watching my films on their 10th, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, or being able to share their experience with their kids someday is really a special thing! At the end of the day, that’s why I film weddings, and I hope to continue meeting new couples and hearing even more unique stories for years to come! I’d love to tell YOUR story, reach out and let’s start a conversation!

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