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Sometimes clients come from various places. Such is the case with a wedding I have the privilege of capturing this weekend. I received a call from Gary asking if I was available for the 18th of August. Turns out I was free and away we go. Gary and his Fiancé Bobbie Jean are getting married this weekend and it's so exciting.

Everyone dreams of their wedding day. Couples work together to plan and decide what kind of wedding they want. I will meet the happy couple this Friday evening at their rehearsal, then on Saturday, we all come back together to celebrate their love and commitment as they start their lives together as husband and wife.

I look forward to meeting their families and working with them to capture a beautiful ceremony in New Berlin, and then we end up in Springfield for the reception. I consider it an honor to capture weddings for my clients, that is a lot of trust that they place in me and I do my best to create beautiful films they will love to watch over and over again. Here's to Gary and Bobbie Jean, may your lives bring as much happiness as possible. Congratulations!

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