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Wedding at the expo

It's not everyday you get the opportunity to film a wedding at the Exposition Building at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. I'm lucky enough to say that I will be shooting a wedding for a beautiful couple this weekend in that very venue. As I write this post the weather should be good, but fingers crossed, central Illinois weather can turn on a dime. The good news is everything is inside, so there's that.

I met Griffin and her fiancé Marc once when we discussed their wedding about 2 months ago. Both of them are really cool and calm, which bodes well for a gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception! The love and respect they have for one another is evident in how they speak and interact together. When you have an engaged couple like that, it's hard NOT to get excited for them.

I always tell my couples they need to enjoy the day, they can't change anything at this point, and there is no need to stress about it. Roll with the punches and make a memorable day when you join together as husband and wife. Things may happen, it may not go exactly as you have it in your head, just take a breath and let it go. I've done enough weddings to see some brides spend their whole day angry and upset because things did not follow the pre-determined plan. I anticipate that Griffin and Marc will be awesome to work with and in turn that will produce an awesome film.

I always look forward to working with new couples, getting to know them better, and doing all that I can to make their big day a success. My job as the filmmaker doesn't just stop at the camera, I try to help out where I can and offer a hand if necessary. There are years of planning that go into the wedding day, my job is to capture as much as I can to tell a compelling story about the bride and groom and make all of that planning live forever on film!

I wish Griffin and Marc all the best as they count down the final days before they say "I do". We will have so much fun on Saturday, rain or shine. If we do that, the wedding film will be easy to create. Here's to the happy couple, may your lives be filled with love and respect as you start your journey as Mr. & Mrs. Giovannini!

If you have an upcoming wedding and are looking for someone to capture your day, please feel free to contact me! It doesn't cost a thing to reach out. This is what I do, this is what I love, creating beautiful stories for deserving, loving couples. I would love to work with you to capture the wedding of your dreams. You will not regret that decision! Talk to you soon!

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