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Video is so expensive, why?

Wedding videography is starting to take hold in today's wedding scene, and it is becoming more prevalent in couples' wedding planning. I think today's couples see the benefit of having a video record of their big day. A majority of them grew up in the internet age, and video/YouTube was a big part of that development. That having been said, it also seems that the cost of video is questioned more than that of the traditional photographer.

Photography and Videography have become so mainstream that to the average person, it's just "point and shoot", right? Let's face it, just about everyone has a phone in their pocket that is capable of capturing pretty damn good content. That's all well and good, however that's where the similarities end. There is so much more to the wedding day than just showing up and hitting record.

Allow me to take you through my typical thought process, and how I create the films that I do.

#1 I always meet with the couple. I want to see what kind of people they are, how do they interact with each other, and me for that matter. I find out what they like and what they want, what kind of music do they like, etc. This is all integral to producing a film that will capture the important aspects of their wedding.

#2 I spend the time between meeting the couple and the wedding listening to all kinds of music, trying to find that perfect song that will convey the emotion I want. I listen to 100's of music clips, trying to picture how I can use one or more with the edit.

#3 I attend the rehearsal. This gives me a good idea as to the order of the day, where I need to be, where I can be, where I can place cameras, and what angles work the best. I can also figure out audio and how I will capture that during the wedding. There is a lot of planning that goes into capturing the video, I get one chance to capture it, there are no do-overs, no second chances. I have to know when and where I need to be at all times.

#4 I show up early on the wedding day and I leave late. I man 3 separate cameras during the ceremony, making sure what angles they are capturing and that all of them are recording when everything starts. I make sure to get mics attached to the important players, and make sure they are recording properly. I will be shooting video all day long, most times spending 12-14 hours with the couple, the wedding party, and friends and family.

#5 I get home and immediately download all of the information from the day, this includes:

3 separate memory cards, audio from 3 separate recording devices, and a drone memory card. At the end of the wedding day I can easily have upwards of 500 separate video files totaling 70 - 80 GB of information that begin at 8:30 am and end at 11:30 pm. All of that gets backed up immediately.

#6 I go through all of these files to find the ones that will make the best story, create the best film and proceed to cut each file to match the rhythm of the music I've selected. I pull in the audio tracks from the ceremony, the groom's mic, the pastor's mic, the mic from the toasts, and sync those up to the video so everything flows and you hear the important parts when you need to. This process can take 8-16 hours or more. I try to make the story memorable and meaningful for my clients. If I've done my job, you shouldn't even notice these little nuances, it should just work.

#7 Once I get the film put together, I then go through and color grade each clip, there are generally 150-200 clips in a finished film. Color grading is the same as tweaking the exposure, contrast, color saturation, etc. on a regular photo. I try my best to make the final film beautiful. During the wedding day you have to deal with many different lighting conditions, which requires quite a bit of time to balance. I adjust all of the audio so it's all consistent and at a nice volume.

#8 I watch the film multiple times, looking for ways to enhance the mood, elevate the emotion, move you to tears. I may replace clips with ones that work better, I may slow some down, speed some up, etc. I'll bet I watch the film 30-40 times before I'm completely happy with it. I don't skimp on this, the right clip paired with right audio, paired with the specific beat of the music can take an ordinary video and make it extraordinary.

#9 I export that final film and watch it again, on my computer, the TV, my phone, etc. I make sure it looks fantastic across all types of media . . . .

Whew! Sorry for being so long, but hopefully you have an idea of what goes into filming a wedding day! Weddings can be stressful, it's my job to capture the day and weave together a story that allows you to re-live it for the rest of your life, to show your kids, to cherish. Yes, video is expensive, but it's only money. Do you really want to cut this out and deprive yourself of these precious memories? You will regret it if you do! I put everything I am into these films, your money is not wasted on my services. I work very hard to create Movies with Emotion. Contact me today to reserve your wedding day!

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