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  • Steve Weber

the power of "nice"

We have to work with people in every aspect of our lives. You can't really get by being in your own isolated little world. The ability to work with strangers is a skill that we as filmmakers have to embrace when capturing weddings. Just about every job we do involves meeting and working with people whom we have never met until the day of the event. Sure, you know the bride and groom, (at least you should, if you're any good at your job), however the rest of the family and friends more times than not will be complete strangers.

Establishing a good rapport with these highly important people is essential if you want good results from the film footage. The bride and groom chose these people from their lives to be part of their biggest day, they mean something to them, they are usually their closest friends and family. You can go a long way to a successful day by doing one thing, BE NICE! Introduce yourself and treat everyone with respect. Have fun with the wedding party, join in on the laughter when appropriate, don't be afraid of being a little foolish.

Dealing with other vendors is also highly important! Try your best to work together with them, whether they are the primary Photographer, the Wedding Planner, or the DJ at the reception, the same rule applies. Be nice, be forgiving, be flexible. Everyone is there to do a job for the couple, working well with one another ensures that the day will go smoothly, and you can hopefully develop lasting relationships with the other vendors that will in turn have a positive impact on your bottom line. All that being said, don't allow yourself to be taken advantage of either! Everyone needs to compromise a little, the trick is to find that sweet spot where you can do you job and they can do theirs.

Not being flexible and trying to impose your will on others only leads to your reputation being tainted. The wedding business is largely dependent on reputation, that's what couples look for when choosing their vendors. A reputation of being difficult and a pain to work with is the quickest way to derail your business future. At the end of the day, follow the golden rule, treat others as you wish to be treated. As long as you treat everyone with respect and kindness, the sky is the limit!

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