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  • Steve Weber

the honor of filming weddings

Take a minute and think about this! Out of 7 billion people on this earth two people can find each other, fall in love and promise to be faithful to that other person for the rest of their lives. The odds are staggering that this can happen, yet it does, every single day.

People plan for the perfect proposal, something that holds meaning, something that captures their feelings in one grand gesture to the one person on this planet they've decided they can't live without, hoping and praying that they say YES! Then comes months and maybe years of planning the wedding day itself. One day out of both of their lives where every single eye and every single thought is directed towards them. Everything revolves around them for one magical day! From handsome guys in tailored suits and tuxes to beautiful brides in stunning one of kind wedding gowns. So much goes into planning a wedding day and so many details are decided upon and executed. Once the last guest leaves and the wedding day comes to an end, couples want to cherish those memories and feelings forever!

Though the odds are much smaller, out of all the wedding filmmakers out there, couples choose me. Whatever the reason, they invite me to share in a day so full of emotion and meaning, that only their closest friends and family are invited. Yet there I am, a complete stranger to everyone, tasked with the job of documenting their journey, it is truly an amazing honor!

As a wedding filmmaker, I absolutely love sharing those days with couples! It's my job to preserve that day for them to cherish for a lifetime, and I don't take that responsibility lightly. I get to be there when a couple promises forever to one another. I'm allowed to witness the unseen portions of the day that are reserved for only a select few of their closest inner circle! I love getting to know the couples, finding out how they met, how they got engaged, why they fell in love. Hearing these stories reminds me of the journey my wife and I have been on for nearly 30 years. Witnessing the love firsthand between these couples just reinforces the promises I made all those years ago, and I hope that my couples can celebrate 30 years of marriage someday.

Just imagine that! 30 years from now, after all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows and challenges of life, my couples can sit down and push play on the wedding film that I created and be transported back to 30 years prior when they wore that tux, and dressed like a princess for one glorious day, and promised their love to one another forever. They can re-live every single aspect of that moment, and while sitting on their couch with tears of joy streaming down their faces they can be reminded of how it started all those years ago!

That's why I do this, that's why it is such an honor to be chosen to share such a monumental moment in their lives, to essentially create a time machine, a way for them to travel back to that one amazing day forever preserved in a one of a kind wedding film that is uniquely them! I love the ability to impact people's lives in a positive manner, it is truly an honor!

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