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  • Steve Weber

Elaborate isn't always better

Weddings are unique events, a joining of two souls in front of friends and family. While no two

weddings are the same, it's amazing to see how the love and emotion comes through no matter the venue.

There are a lot of couples who spend a bunch of money planning their perfect day, and there's nothing wrong with that. There are others who keep it small and simple, however the true meaning of the day is not the least bit diminished.

I had the privilege of filming a small and simple wedding this past weekend between two people who had been together for a long time. They decided to have the ceremony in the local American Legion building here in Jacksonville. While not the prettiest place in the world to have a wedding, it was decorated nicely and set the stage for a wonderful ceremony. The bride sang a special song as she walked down the aisle which brought the groom to tears! That is the emotion a wedding brings out, regardless of where it's held. The unconditional love between two people that want to take life head on, together.

My point is, you don't have to spend a huge amount of money for your wedding. Do what YOU want to do, it is your day after all. The emotion and the assembly of family and friends is the most important aspect of the day. The excitement and love will come through, and with the right filmmaker, you can have a wedding film that captures that emotion so you can come back and watch your special day again and again for years to come. Don't get hung up on the $$, wherever you decide to have your ceremony, make it the absolute best you can.


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