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A fun loving wedding with an awesome couple!

When you film a wedding, you hope the couple is easy to work with, doesn't take themselves too seriously, and has fun with the day. I hit the trifecta this past weekend when I had the privilege to film Nicole and David's wedding. As with any wedding, there were hiccups. The bride had a jewel studded belt that was supposed to be with her dress, it wasn't, Nicole kept her cool and rolled with it making arrangements for someone to bring it on their way to the wedding. David got tongue tied during his vows of all things, but he laughed it off like it was no big deal. Neither of them seemed stressed, or upset with anything.

These are qualities of not only wonderful clients, but qualities of a couple that is destined for a long happy marriage. Capturing the moments of the day, I could literally see the pure joy on both their faces all day long. I mean look at the picture below, if that isn't pure joy and love between two people, I don't know what is. When you are lucky enough to have clients like Nicole and David, it makes the filmmakers job easy. It was such a pleasure working with them and by the end of it all, I can now call them my friends.

I strive to make the wedding day experience as easy and stress free as possible, I consider it my responsibility to make the bride and groom feel at ease even though they have a camera following them around all day long. My ultimate goal is to blend into the day and not really be noticed too much. Doing that allows the couple to relax and be really genuine, that makes for the best footage! I wish Nicole & David all of the love and happiness marriage can bring, and I hope they have a long fulfilling life as Mr. & Mrs. Meyer.

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